50 Blogging Tips – That You Just Can’t Ignore!

In this article, I would be sharing with you some elite 20 blogging tips that you just can’t ignore. I highly recommend you to apply these strategies in order to make your blog go viral. You might have already read 101 blogs to find out some factors by which you could rank your blog higher in search engines. Moreover those blogging tips were not much effective and subsequently your suspension gone in vain.

The following is a comprehensive list which I thought to be really useful and worthy to share you with. So, want to be a great and successful blogger? Then following are some strategies to boost your traffic, increase your sales, bring new audience and take your blog to the next level.Top 50 Blogging Tips:Blogging is about fun and engagement where people learn and share. But it’s not for all. Know why? Because they are not able to stay/survive a long. Ask any pro bloggers whom you know that how they have started their blogging career. They would give you the same answer that “It was totally unexpected thing for me and I probably not aware that how I came into the world”.

They were totally unaware that what are the things they were doing, writing articles, commenting on other blogs, guest posting and more. But don’t know why. Slowly and steadily the got success in their field and now we are terming them as Professional blogger.

Get inspiration from the professional bloggers and just forget about what will happen tomorrow. Make your today good and tomorrow will be automatically good. Don’t worry that will you be able to generate money from your blog or can you be able to drive traffic to your blog. Just keep blogging and success will come to you. Let’s now quickly go to our topic and learn some great 50 blogging tips:

1. Write, write and write.
2. Get connected on social media sites.
3. Set goals for your blog.
4. Know your audience.
5. Always be creative in blogging.
6. Never copy others, be unique.
7. Learn to do Podcast.
8. Post daily until and unless you make a solid foundation of article.
9. Never buy links, if you do then danger ahead.
10. Make sure to include most important things in your blog designs.
11. Create a great about me page.
12. Don’t let your goals and achieves die simply.
13. Engage with other pro bloggers.
14. Interview smart peoples in your blog.
15. Allow yourself to write even if your ideas are not coming out.
16. Promote yourself and your blog in social media.
17. Comment on high authority blogs.
18. Write attractive blog heading.
19. Learn to write great and engaging blog articles.
20. Find some great sources to get new ideas.
21. Don’t expect to earn overnight.
22. Have patience.
23. Always tweet your blog posts in twitter.
24. Use hash-tags while promoting your blog post in social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter).
25. Think out-of-the-box.
26. Re-tweet your blog post routinely for 1 week at-least.
27. Love your readers like your family members.
28. Share 80% of your knowledge in your blog and keep rest 20% for blog consultancy.
29. Create a service page in your site.
30. Use Pinterest to promote your blog.
31. Ask the readers what they like to read.
32. Use images in your blog posts it’s must.
33. Thank your readers, often.
34. Use Google free tools to be more productive and make your blogging easier.
35. Learn how the pro bloggers succeed to build their empire.
36. Learn writing strategies from writers/authors/journalist and apply them while you write.
37. Link to your old contents for more dept crawling.
38. Use some tricks to make your readers stay long in your blog.
39. Get more incoming links to boost your blog performance.
40. Promote your blog with email marketing.
41. Increase your blog traffic by writing guest post on authority sites.
42. Never try to play with Google.
43. Read, read and read everything to improve your writing skills.
44. Learn how to use bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon to boost your traffic.
45. Organize contests in your blog for fun and traffic.
46. Periodically check your old posts for any kind of mistakes or broken links.
47. Carry a notebook with you to note down whenever any idea is coming in your mind.
48. Study the blogs you love to read often, their writing, their posting frequency.
49. Don’t follow any kind of tactics that can get you in trouble.
50. Believe in yourself.

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