Adcash Review: Why It’s One of The Best Ad Network?

Today in this article I’m going to review AdCash – a robust ad network which serves to over 196 countries and is the one of the leading ad network globally that runs on a CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression),CPA (Cost Per Action), as well as CPL (Cost Per Lead) revenue model.

The reason behind this review is to make you aware of this ad network which I’ve been testing since quite a while and it’s giving pretty good results so far for me, so based on that, I’d be writing today’s review letting you know about it’s feature, how it works, it’s pros, cons and how you can get started with AdCash.

AdCash Review

AdCash was started back in 2007 – with it’s headquarter based in Tallinn, Estonia – and now it serves billions of ads every month, with reach of over 200+ million visitor everyday through its network of over 150k premium publishers and mobile applications with over 3,500+ active running campaigns and 100+ highly qualified team members. And is also named a “One of the Biggest & Hottest Startup in Estonia” as in 2013.

What it does is, it connects advertisers and publishers together as a mean of helping publishers to earn lucrative income by monetizing their website with the advertisers ads, and operates in 196 countries which also offers admin panel in 8 different languages.

And what I believe is AdCash is mainly known for it’s performance, wide variety of offers, it’s quality service and great customer support for usually when I’ve a query I get responds pretty fast so no doubt they’re doing well in term of user’s-satisfaction.

When you sign up to it, you get a dedicated manager who helps you to choose the best ad for your website in order to leverage most of your traffic by monetizing with correct ad placement – which definitely is great.

You can expect respond in less than 12 hours. They’re much faster than it sometime usually within half and hour.

What makes AdCash truly outstanding is that it serve dynamic ads and monetize all type of publishers and contents and ideally performs for sites in gaming and entertainment niche.

AdCash shows highly paying campaigns that helps you to earn more than of using other any other ad network.

Out of the vast category, the publishers are able to choose their desired segment of category. Some of the top categories of it are:

  1. News, Information and Media.
  2. Leisure, Entertainment, Hobbies.
  3. Web browsing.
  4. Free and flash games; and,
  5. Online entertainment.

AdCash is ideal for advertisers and publishers from entertainment niche; as well as it’s really a good choice for the indie-games publishers who has got an app or blog to monetize.

AdCash just not serve highly paying campaign to help you earn more, but optimizes and shows relevant ads and improves the chances of getting good clicks on the ads.

Ad Formats of AdCash

When it comes to ad format, what we primarily see is how much variety does an ad network provide for the publishers to monetize the site with.

There’s a lot of advertising network providing a very less opportunity to leverage the spaces in the website, on contrary to them – AdCash provides a wide variety of ad formats that suits both for PC as well as mobile.

Here’s the ad formats:

1) The “traditional” banners such as 300×250, 250×250, 468×60,728×90, 160×600 & 336×280 are there as it is.

2) It has got a “footer” ad with resolution of 728×90. It sticks on the bottom of the screen when a user scroll and it gives some great result as it continuously show the ad to the users and it results to higher CTR.

3) The “interstitials” ad with a resolution of 800×600, basically overlap your website and shows the ad. It provides higher visibility than any other that results to higher revenue.

4) The “background” ads is quite impressive one, and one of my personal favourite. It adapts to the layout of your website and accordingly display ads.

Most of the time, what you would see is the sides are simply left and not being used but if you do a heatmap analysis of your website you would find a lot of people clicking out there. So it provides a good scope to improve your earning with this ad format. It’s eye-catchy and have a resolution of 2000×150 in the header and 340x770px in the sides.

5) The “Site-Under” ad is the top performing ad both for desktop and mobile websites. It’s a full landing page that results in higher earning. What it basically does is when a person visits your website, automatically it opens in a new window in the browsers and doesn’t pops up like other does. And so it doesn’t irritate the user and grab the attention of the user when he closes the tabs.

6) The “Slide-In” Ad generally slides in the side of the pages of your website. It grabs good attention of improves chance to get it clicked.

And for Mobile Ads,

1) In-App Interstitial: This is basically an ad-format that displays ad in full-screen (both horizontally and vertically) and usually generates higher click rates due to that.

2) In-App Footer: Just the same as the Footer Ad of bigger screens, the In-App footer ad is placed at the bottom of the mobile screen and floats as the user scrolls. It’s also suitable for all type of screen resolution.

Out of all, I’d recommend you to test – Site-Under & Pop-Under of AdCash in your website to see how does it performs for you – I’m quite sure it would provide better result than other.

Though these tend to work most for entertainment and gaming segment niches – and too I’ve tried it in my Entertainment niche as usual – however chances are it would work on other niches too, so you need to try it first.

Get Started with AdCash

The layout of the website is simple, minimal & professional – and, it’s literally great.

It’s really simply to register. And, in order to get started:

1) Just go to the website.

2) Click on either Advertise Now (Advertiser) or Monetize Now (Publishers), and you’d be taken to next page.

NOTE: Publisher is the one who monetizes the site with advertiser’s ad. Advertiser is the one who pays to show the ad on Publisher’s site.

3) Enter your email, pass, and select Publisher.

4) Put the url of your website.

5) Select Individual, Language, Enter Your Details, and tick “I’ve read and accepted…” and complete the captcha verification.

6) Click on “Register Account”, and you’re all done.

The approval process is really quick, usually within 12 hours you get your account fully approved d you’re all set to kick-start with AdCash Advertising Network.

The good news is, you get your payment paid every 30 calendar date, and also you don’t need to sit for so much time filling the long tax-docs however AdCash always double-check of the campaign before making any withdrawal.

The minimum payment threshold is €100; and, the available payment methods are Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Skrill as well as Webmoney.

The Conclusion:

Before wrapping this up, I’d definitely love to say that – in Google AdSense, we’re basically bound with so many rules, by using floats – you’d get banned in a day or two, if you try to do experiments it may also led to ban. Too many limitation.

Wherein AdCash, it has really great ad formats. From background ads, to Site-Under to Footer, it’s all legitimate over here so you can get max-max benefit from your traffic.

So, yea! You must give it a shot.

And in conclusion of AdCash Review, I’d say that “It’s a robust ad network, providing a wide range of ad format (which is my personal favourite feature in all), and have a ‘great’ team, who cares of it’s user”.

If you’ve any questions, do comment below. I’d be happy to help ????

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