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I have designed this course for those who wish to learn about the stock market in the most systematic, simplified and practical way. It does not matter if you are from a non-finance background, whether you are a Student, Engineer, Doctor, housewife, etc.

This course has helped more than 2,000 learners and I am confident that after completing this course, you will be able to confidently analyze and invest in Share Market.

The course has 11 lectures, each close to 1.5 hrs. Even if you watch 1 lecture every day which is recommended, you will be able to complete the course within 11 days.  

In this course, you will learn 65+ concepts of the Stock Market in just 11 days. This also includes one guest lecture on Technical Analysis. 

Illustrative List of topics covered: BSE, NSE, Sensex, NIFTY, Types of orders – Limit, Stop Loss, etc, Auction of shares, Concepts related to IPO like ASBA Facility, Price band, and many more concepts!

  • Device: Watch the lectures on your Android OR iOS device (Android mobile phones and Tabs, Apple iPhone and iPad). This version is not for PCs and Macs. The product can be used only on a single device. i.e the mobile device in which you first ‘log in’, will be registered and lectures can be viewed only through that registered device. 
  • Validity: Once you buy the course you will be able to watch the course lectures for 1 year. (365 Days)
  • Views: You can watch all the lectures an unlimited number of times until the validity ends.
  • PAUSE/ PLAY/ CLOSE/ OPEN the lecture any number of times.
  • Language: Hinglish

Syllabus of Basics of Stock Market by CA Rachana Ranade

  1. Long term capital gain (LTCG)
  2. Dividend
  3. Face value
  4. Promoter
  5. Top Line & Bottom Line
  6. Share Split
  7. Bonus shares
  8. Who decides share prices?
  9. Types of securities market
  10. DEMAT account
  11. Savings Account
  12. Trading account
  13. Documents required for openingDEMAT account.
  14. Contract note
  15. Settlement Date
  16. Latest traded price
  17. Pre-opening market session
  18. After Market Orders
  19. Gap up
  20. Gap down
  21. Announcement date
  22. Record date
  23. Types of investors
  24. Depositories
  25. Depository Participant (DP)
  26. Corporate Actions
  27. Volume
  28. Trading system
  29. Types of order
  30. Bearish & Bullish
  31. Short sell
  32. Shares Auction
  33. Stop Loss (SL)
  34. Circuit filter/Breaker
  35. Trend Analysis
  36. Market capitalization
  37. Market cap
  38. Ring trading
  39. Block deal
  40. Types of order based on quantity.
  41. Bid – Ask Spread
  42. Market Indices
  43. Sectoral Indices
  44. Free float market cap
  45. Promoters pledging shares
  46. Lot size
  47. IPO (Initial Public offer) vsOFS (Offer for sale)
  48. Further Public Offer (FPO)
  49. Book Value
  50. Merchant Banker
  51. Price Band
  52. Book Building Issue
  53. Prospectus
  54. Importance of Primary Markets (IPO)
  55. Underwriter
  56. Listing of IPO (Initial public offer)
  57. Price Determination
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Reviews by Students

  • Well I must say that you are a great “Mentor” a true “Leader” I can see the passion behind your teaching in the videos and the way you “convinced” about the myths of the Stock Market(every time i see the convinced hashtag on your slide it brings smile to my face :)). I respect your core value behind “improve financial literacy in India”. It is the need of the hour. I am damn sure that you have already made the difference. I like your teaching style and the the simplicity behind your way of making others understand and building the strong foundation for all participants about the concepts. I am very fortunate and thankful to god that when I thought about learning stock markets I was able to get your training. Always be happy and healthy cheers!!! #LiftUpTheFinancialLiteracyInIndia.
  • A breath of fresh air is what Rachana brings to the world of investing. She inspires confidence. She exudes honesty and sincerity in a world where investing is made to look so difficult and so confusing. She makes it look simple. You see one of her videos and you would want to see them all. She makes learning fun and most of all …EASY !! If you haven’t already run into her you tube videos, I highly recommend you do.
  • hi rachana… its simply super… when i made the payment.. i thought am paying too much… post watching the contents… i knew i was wrong. shortly i will buy fundamental analysis… as well as a token.. i have earned 50rs in my first week… thanks to u..

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