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CFX University was created to change lives. Our primary objective is to cut the learning curve in half and simplify the trading process so that our students can trade successfully. As a result of CFX University, our students will now become empowered and gain financial freedom.

By becoming a student of CFX University, you will expect non stop value and quality education from our expert instructors. You wil also receive access to our Mastermind and networking events done every other month along with live trade journals of setups taken by Duran Carter.

We know that being a trader can be a lonely journey which is why here at CFX University we strive to build a culture around discipline, daily growth and behavioral consistency which are neccessary keys to becoming a successful trader. Our goal is to simplify forex and make the learning experience both fun and profitable for novice to seasonal trader.

The forex market is volatile and forever changing due to economic events and banks driving prices. Thats why here at CFX University we teach our students how to trade along side the banks.

Our education ensure that our students are always on the right side of the market, capitalizing on the economic events on a weekly basis. With that in mind our online library has dedicated content to ensure students learn objective based trading and most importantly understand price action: the language of the markets.

About Instructor

The Master Trader and CEO is none other than Duran Carter. He is a native of Jamaica but currently resides in Miami FL. It was out of necessity that Duran got involved in the forex industry. At the time he graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA, college wasn’t an option due to some unforeseen circumstances. As a result of this he turned to entrepreneurship in search of a prosperous and fulfilling life.

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Free Download CFX University

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