Secrets To Write A Great Heading That Go Viral

Your post heading is the first and the foremost element which readers can see. So it’s necessary to craft it. Even though if your article is having quality but heading is the only element which will be noticed at first. But out of 10, 8 will just read the headline and only 2 will actually read your blog post. Have you ever noticed that there are some great headings which grab your attention suddenly which surfing across the internet?. Well, have you thought that your post can go viral as it can have the strength to drive over 100,000 visitors to it?Isn’t it quite fascinating? I have received a lot of requests to device a formula to write a heading that go viral. And yet I have come with that secret.Now what is the common expression of the readers when they check your ordinary post headings?

1. Okay, leave it.
2. Just negate it.

But what if you write a great heading?

1. Wow, let’s see what it contains.
2. SHOCKED! What happen? Am I wrong?
3. Shit. Let’s open it.
4. Great heading let’s see what information it has inside.

What Heading Should Contain?

1. Usefulness: Peoples are in hurry, seems to catch a flight and if you are late enough to provide them what they need then you will miss them. Make sure to keep your article heading useful enough so that readers may be more interested to read it out.

2. Uniqueness: Most important thing which a heading needs is – uniqueness. As because you are not only the person who is writing about a specific topic which is currently in your head. Just Google what you want to write tomorrow and you will find there over 200,000,000 results already in search engines. Uniqueness matters a lot in heading as well as in the post.

3. Give them reasons: Don’t make your heading like a chatting article by making it over 250 characters. I have seen some blogs which extend a heading like to win a race, such as:

“Some Great SEO Strategies to Boost Your Blog Performance in Search Engines“.

“SEO Strategies To Boost Your SERP Results“.

How To Write A Heading That Go Viral?

 So have you seen what are the expression of the ordinary posts heading compared to those that of great headings? Still figuring how? Read further to know how to write a heading that go viral. 

1. Use Powerful Words:

 In order to make your post heading extra ordinary you need to add some powerful words over there. Words such as – Oops, Secrets, Discover, Terrified, Danger, You Can’t, Shit, etc. Look at the following example that how you can use such kind of words. a) How To Make Money Online?b) How To Boost Blog Traffic? See above, “how to make money online” and “how to boost blog traffic” such words are common to look and probably there are thousand of authors who have already written about it might you too have written that same article in your site therefore it’s make your chances less to drive more traffic. But what if you use the following heading: a) Discover Some Great Secrets To Make Money Online.b) Devise 10 (or any other number) Fascinating Ways To Boost Blog Traffic. So by the example above you can see that how by mixing some strong/powerful words can make your topic extra spicy. 

2. Use Popular Names in the heading:

 Here comes one of the most interesting way which I like the most. Using other bloggers, authors, scientists or any other popular person’s name in the heading can help to make your topic unique and can go viral. How? Read the following example: a) How To Write Quality Articles?b) How To Optimize Your Blog SEO? Same as point 1. Here the article’s heading looks little boring and can’t drive much traffic. Whereas: a) How William Shakespeare Inspired Me To Write Quality Article?b) Albert Einstein’s Secret To Optimize Blog SEO. Isn’t it quite great? Yes, everyone might get thrilled yet excited to open the article to check what is the secret behind it. 

3. Write Controversial Posts:

 People are in search of queries which are done over in those Parliament meetings. Aren’t you aware of those matter? Shout, Throw chairs, and making mess. Yet, controversial posts contain some argument of any specific topics. And it can easily go viral if it disagree with any popular trends over internet. Such as: 1. Hostgator Cheat Fraud – Secret Reveled.2. Hidden Truth About Twitter Marketing.3. Shocking Truth About Facebook.4. Your Blog is in Danger – Know Why. These kind of thriller topic gives the reader a reason to open the post to know those secrets. 

4. How-To Posts:

 How-to posts also have high tendency of going viral easily and also in very short period of time. There are probably hundred other reason and one of them are that it’s search engine friendly too. As there are millions of people who search in the search engine, let’s say Google about “How to” topics. So there are higher chances to get traffic from search engines. Though I wouldn’t say that you would instantly rank yet it could make your post viral. 

5. Write List Posts:

 List posts also have higher demand and tendency to rank higher in search engines and too to make your blog post viral easily. What is list posts? Oops, I totally forget to tell you what is it. List post means a list of a specific topic, such as – a) 10 Fascinating Ways To Boost Traffic.b) 101 Ways To Write Great Articles.c) 50 Ways To Make Your Post Go Viral. And yet, don’t forget to give a great amount of details when you are writing a list post. Don’t simply give the points over there as it looks little mess without information. 

What’s Your Excuse?

Now in conclusion I would tell that in this matter luck plays a great role and too if you implement correct strategy then you could easily get higher rank in search engines. Let me know what you are thinking through a great comment.

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